Sett Vaults

Sett Vaults
Sett Vaults

Automated strategies to earn yield on Bitcoin and more

Sett Vaults, named for the complex underground tunnels where Badgers live, are the core product of BadgerDAO.

Sett Vaults allow you to deposit over twenty Bitcoin-linked crypto assets into smart contracts that execute automated strategies to achieve some of the best risk-adjusted rewards across DeFi.

Some strategies involve securely lending the assets to earn interest, providing liquidity to traders, or "farming" the governance tokens of other DeFi protocols.

Some of these rewards are automatically re-deposited into your underlying balance, while others will need to be periodically claimed through the app.

In some cases, users receive an interest-bearing version of their reward token like xSUSHI, allowing them to earn additional rewards on top of their existing ones until redeemed.

By pooling funds together, Sett Vaults allow users to save money on transaction costs, and benefit from Badger's extensive smart contract security checks.

Some Vaults are upgradable, meaning they can switch between strategies when new opportunities become available.

Increase Rewards with Badger Boost

To align converge holders with users, Sett Vaults pay higher rewards to users that hold more native Badger assets (BADGER, bBADGER, DIGG, and bDIGG) in their wallets or in Sett Vaults. Rewards increase on a sliding scale and you can use the Badger Boost Optimizer to determine the amount of native assets you need to hold to reach the next level.


Certain vaults charge performance and withdrawal fees, as detailed below:

Withdrawal Fees:

  • Convex : 0.10%.
  • Sushiswap wBTC/ETH: 0.10%.
  • Sushiswap ibBTC/wBTC: 0.10%.
  • Convex Helper (cvxCRV and CVX): 0.10%.
  • Native Vaults (Badger, DIGG single staking and LP): 0%.

Performance Fees:

Performance fees apply on profits of the underlying (CRV, FARM, CAKE, CVX, xSushi, etc earned), as follows:

  • Convex Vaults (renBTC, sBTC, tBTC): 20%.
  • Sushiswap SLP: 20%.
  • Convex Helper (cvxCRV and CVX): 10%.


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