BADGER is the native governance token of BadgerDAO.

BADGER is the native governance token of BadgerDAO. It is an ERC-20 token with a maximum fixed supply of 21 million. It is currently traded on Ethereum, Binance Smart Chain, and Polygon, with support coming soon for Fantom.

BADGER tokens give you the right to vote in governance of BadgerDAO, including product mix, leadership, treasury allocation, and community initiatives.

BADGER can also be used to earn staking rewards and as collateral on different platforms across DeFi.

Holding BADGER in your wallet (or staked as bBADGER) increases your APYs in other Sett Vaults as part of the Badger Boost system.

Earning BADGER Tokens

Users receive BADGER tokens as a reward for using the Badger App and participating in our ecosystem. In many cases, the BADGER token makes up a significant percent of the overall reward mix in our Vaults.

The amount of BADGER tokens that is emitted by various Sett Vaults is set by a governance vote on a 12-week rolling basis.


bBADGER is the interest-bearing Vault token that you receive by depositing your BADGER in our single asset Sett Vault. bBADGER is a representation of the BADGER deposited in the Vault.

bBADGER does not correspond 1:1 with BADGER. As interest accrues inside the vault, the value of bBADGER increases against BADGER.

Utility for BADGER and bBADGER

  • BadgerDAO governance: Propose, comment, and vote on the future of the protocol.
  • Sett Vaults: Stake BADGER in to receive bBADGER receipt token and claimable rewards.
  • Sett Vaults: Provide BADGER-WBTC liquidity in Sushiswap or Uniswap, deposit your LP token in a Vault, and receive several types of claimable rewards
  • Unit Protocol: create a Collateralized Debt Position (CDP) with BADGER as collateral minting USDP. (50% collateral ratio).
  • Fuse: allows borrowing, collateralizing and lending of BADGER.
  • Pooltogether: Enter a pool to get a chance to win a weekly prize and receive POOL tokens as incentive.
  • Cream: Supply bBADGER for borrowing on Cream and earn interest on your supplied assets.


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