Badgers get a bad rap for being solitary creatures, but nothing could be further from the truth.

Bringing BTC to DeFi takes partners, lots of them.

BadgerDAO works with teams from across crypto to build products that are win-win for the ecosystem.

This includes partnering with technology leaders and incentivizing our users to become long term users of partner protocols.

In its first year of operations, BadgerDAO has built partnerships with the following teams:

Convex: BadgerDAO’s newest strategies are built on Convex Finance, allowing users to earn staked CVX on top of their existing rewards in several Vaults.

Curve: Curve is the top protocol for low slippage swaps between stable assets. Many BadgerDAO strategies involve providing liquidity into Curve’s pools, allowing allow users to swap easily between the various types of Bitcoin in DeFi.

DeFi Dollar: BadgerDAO leveraged DeFi Dollar’s experience in stablecoin index to launch Interest Bearing Bitcoin (ibBTC), the highest liquidity interest bearing Bitcoin index in DeFi.

ETHGlobal: BadgerDAO is proud to support EthGlobal’s hackathons to onboard new developer talent to DeFi and the Ethereum ecosystem.

Gitcoin: Badger supports Gitcoin to develop public goods, including the Open DeFi Hackathon, Gnosis Safe MetaMask delegation, and DeFi explanatory art, and more.

Fireblocks: Fireblocks is a leading crypto asset custody solution and is partnered with BadgerDAO to bring institutional investors into the world of DeFi.

Polygon: Badger is thrilled to bring ibBTC, along with several other versions of tokenized Bitcoin, to Polygon via the Badger Bridge.

Ren: BadgerDAO operates the Badger Bridge in partnership with the Ren protocol, enabling users to bring their Bitcoin into the Ethereum ecosystem and start earning DeFi yields with a few clicks.

Sushiswap: BadgerDAO works with Sushiswap, a leading Decentralized exchange, for three LP vaults that allow users to earn SUSHI tokens on top of BADGER rewards.

UMA: BadgerDAO leverages UMA’s innovative KPI-Options program to shape user incentives for DIGG token holders.

Yearn: Yearn Finance and BadgerDAO have collaborated to launch the largest single-asset WBTC vault in DeFi. The vault uses Yearn V2’s innovative multi-strategy approach, allowing funds to be seamlessly transferred to higher earning new strategies as they emerge.