Badger Single Chain Boost is Now Active



Nov 01, 2021

Effective 1 November 2021, Badger Boost is now operating as a single chain system.

Instead of having a single Boost level across Arbitrum and Ethereum, Badger users now have a separate Boost level on each chain.

Users will now see a different “My Boost” value when they are connected on Arbitrum and Ethereum.

This Boost value is calculated based on the amount of native assets (BADGER and DIGG on Ethereum or just BADGER on Arbitrum) held in the user’s connected wallet.

Users who wish to calculate the amount of native assets needed to reach the next level of Boost can continue to use the Badger Boost Optimizer.

Bridging BADGER

Currently the only Badger native asset on Arbitrum is BADGER, the native governance token of BadgerDAO. DIGG and bDIGG are not available on Arbitrum.

Users who wish to obtain BADGER on Arbitrum to increase their boost can either bridge tokens through the Arbitrum bridge or purchase BADGER on a dex such as Swapr.

Note: the contract address for BADGER is not the same on both chains.

The Arbitrum contract address for BADGER is: 0xbfa641051ba0a0ad1b0acf549a89536a0d76472e.

Did you know that Boost isn't the only reason to bridge Badger? Users can put their native tokens to work on Arbitrum by providing liquidity to their Badger/ETH pool and depositing their LP tokens into the corresponding Sett Vault to earn additional Badger and Swapr rewards, all while contributing to their boost multiplier.

Why Single Chain Boost?

Following the launch on Arbitrum, Badger experienced intermittent outages which affected Badger Boost and rewards calculations. This was related to an issue with TheGraph, a third party service that helps with protocol analysis.

The Arbitrum network is required to provide responsive RPC to satisfy indexing requests from TheGraph but due to network-wide issues with calls not having timely returns, or completely erroring out, the subgraphs were unable to sync.

The team felt this was the best decision to mitigate any future issues and improve the overall UX as it will allow us to isolate an issue by chain without disrupting others. In addition, we intend to deploy a fully decentralized on-chain data solution in the near future but this will take some time to implement.

About Badger Boost

In BIP 63, The BadgerDAO community voted to allocate more BADGER rewards to users who show a desire to participate in governance and support the BadgerDAO ecosystem by holding Badger native assets in their wallet, a system known as Badger Boost.

Simply put, Badger Boost adjusts the amount of BADGER rewards a user receives up or down based on a Stake Ratio, which is the ratio of a user’s native balance (bBadger or a DIGG LP) compared to non-native balance (funds deposited into BTC Setts).

The higher a user’s native balance, the more BADGER token rewards they receive on non-native Vault positions.