Gitcoin Grants Round 11 Hackathon Results



Oct 26, 2021

BadgerDAO was launched as an open community of builders focused on bringing Bitcoin to DeFi while adhering to decentralized governance and enabling open source and self- driven careers. As part of our fair-launch process, 420,000 BADGER Governance tokens, or 2% of the total supply, was allocated to support public goods through Gitcoin.

For GR11, BadgerDAO created a diverse set of bounties, ranging from yield strategies to analytics dashboards to design and beyond. While these bounties are based on tangible, current needs for the DAO, we also see them as opportunities to engage and grow our community, and to teach people about BadgerDAO and our mission.

We were once again delighted with the participation for this round, both in the quality of submissions and with the level of engagement shown by everyone involved.

So let’s dive into the winning submissions for Gitcoin Grants Round 11!

Build A Bitcoin Yield Strategy On Ethereum Or Rollup (Ethereum, Arbitrum, Optimism) With Badger-Strategy-Mix-V1

BadgerDAO’s core mission is to bring Bitcoin to DeFi. Once it gets there, we need to offer competitive yields to our users. This strategy bounty was intended to uncover great, usable strategies as well as great minds who can continue to contribute to the DAO.

The following four submissions were awarded 40 BADGER each:

Tabshaikh’s BTC2X-FLI/wBTC strategy for Sushi on Ethereum was a standout, with a readme that explained the strategy in detail, including an accompanying video and slides, as well as code that was mindful of security practices.

Watch tabshaikh's video:

RealDiganta submitted a WBTC strategy for Bancor on Ethereum, which also included a great readme with a concise strategy diagram as well as pros and cons for their approach.

Jalbrekt85’s Tricrypto strategy for Curve on Arbitrum was a “pretty good submission overall, nice ideas and good execution”, according to our judges.

Calucasa’s single-sided Curve strategy took an interesting approach, though our judges commented that they “would recommend doing a strategy with LP tokens and farming CRV instead of doing single sided”, noting the difficulty and risk associated with single-sided Curve exposure.

Build A Bitcoin Yield Strategy On A Sidechain (Avalanche, Harmony, Fantom, BSC) With Badger-Strategy-Mix-V1

Our second bounty was also for yield strategies for BTC, this time focusing on EVM-compatible sidechains.

The following three submissions were awarded 40 BADGER each:

Tabshaikh followed up their strong showing on the first bounty with another good effort, creating a WBTC/WETH Sushi strategy on Polygon. In addition to great documentation, our judges were impressed with the commit history, calling his last commits “impeccable” and highly recommending they "always stick to that style".

Watch tabshaikh's video:

Realdiganta chose Harmony ONE as their chain of choice, submitting a WBTC/ONE strategy for Sushi. Another solid submission with a clear, visual readme, though our judges commented that a custom test would have been a good improvement to consider.

Amityadav’s strategy for WBTC/RenBTC on Curve for the Fantom blockchain had a “great readme” and a “great commit history” to go along with solid logic for a Curve strategy.

Badger Intern

We asked prospective Badger Interns to show us that they are engaged, articulate and excited about where BadgerDAO is going by driving effective and meaningful engagement with our existing community members and awareness with potential new users. We also asked them to measure the attention they were able to generate over the duration of the hack-a-thon.

First Place, 25 BADGER: sriram-vasudevan

Judges’ comments: “Embedded themselves in the community and compiled a comprehensive report on their findings with great recommendations for how to improve community engagement overall. Excellent observations and accompanying recommendations. Understood the ask and completed it well.”

Second Place (tie), 15 BADGER: Creative-Ed

Judges’ comments: “Great thinking around using a podcast as an on-ramp for new users. Completed several episodes over a week and created a great plan for driving awareness. Good effort put into this.”

Second Place (tie), 15 BADGER: Bhoping

Judges’ comments: “Excellent plan for improving communications and messaging with an accompanying video that indicates a good understanding of the protocol. “

Create Kms Signer For Web3Py EVM Chain Transactions

This bounty was to create a python solution for signing raw web3py transactions with keys generated by and hosted in KMS. The ideal solution should create a Python module that can be imported to keeper codebases and used alongside web3py to sign transactions.

First Place, 100 BADGER: meetmangukiya

Judges’ comments: “Good design, style, documentation. Best Terraform documentation which was important for our use case. Good YouTube video demonstrating usage.”

View the video:

Multisig Operations: Ape-Safe Fixes & Feature Expansion (Python Library For Scripting Multisig Transactions)

We asked entrants to make specific improvements to the ape-safe tool created by @banteg at Yearn Finance, which allows users to easily script, test and preview gnosis-safe multisig transactions on a mainnet-fork before sending them to the safe.

First place, 400 BADGER: uxio0

Our judges noted that this submission was tailored to the requests of multiple team members along the way, and has successfully covered the team’s needs for now.

Optimize Convex Strategy Harvests

This bounty asked submitters to optimize the harvest function of the StrategyConvexStakingOptimizer using the strategy mix.

There were no winning submissions for this bounty.

Badger-System Utils Library

BadgerDAO is a firm believer of the power of open source and the importance of it for building a decentralized world. For this reason, since its inception, the team has opted to open up its main repository, badger-system. This bounty was an opportunity to dig into the badger-system repository and compile all of the different helper functions and tools into an easily accessible python library. This library will be instrumental to support Badger's efficient development process and to increase the accessibility of Badger's tools to the larger open source community.

First Place, 300 BADGER: SHAKOTN

Judges’ comments: “The submission is very well structured and documented, it includes a test suite and it works as expected. Although it misses some of the components and it has a few improvement points, it includes most of the requirements and it is a great starting point. I can already see the potential of it for aiding Badger to decentralize and ease its developing efforts and the value that it will bring to the larger DeFi developer community.”

Build A Token Gated Virtual Event System

BadgerDAO regularly runs office hours and other events where community members are able to join, listen in, and even participate with questions and concerns around the topic being discussed. We’re asked submitters to develop an app or system that lets a group of people have token-holder gated events that allows for audio and/or video participation.

First Place, 100 BADGER: koterthecoder

Judges’ comments: “Has most of features requested except for some form of POAP delivery. Outputs nice on chain signature from participant votes”

Second Place, 50 BADGER: ajand

Judges’ comments: “Has most of the features requested, he estimated another month before it could actually be used by community. Clean UI and features are nicely integrated, branded Badger colors.”

Create Visualization Of Badger Boost Data

This bounty was to build a visualisation or animation of the Badger Boost data that allows BadgerDAO to see the changes in the native and non-native balances of users over time.

First Place, 39 BADGER: MechanicalIris

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Second Place, 20 BADGER: yogesh-bansal

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Third Place, 10 BADGER: Pfed-prog

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Boost Powerup Market Analytics Dashboard

BadgerDAO has recently introduced two new systems to the Badger App to create incentives for users that align with the goals of BadgerDAO. The first is a rebase mining program intended to encourage users to hold DIGG, a rebasing token pegged to WBTC price. The second is a new boost-powerup system that scales the APY a user receives when staking non-native assets in Badger Setts proportional to their Badger and DIGG holdings.

Entrants were asked to create a dashboard that will display detailed analytics on how the implementation of Badger’s boost-powerup has affected user behavior, the total AUM in the Badger App, and the prices of Badger and DIGG.

First place, 125 BADGER: Omni-Analytics-Group

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Second place, 62 BADGER: connie-footprint

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Third Place (tie), 31 BADGER: defiprophecy

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Third Place (tie), 31 BADGER: bizzyvinci

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Newbie Friendly Dapp Portal

DeFi portals have a ton of complexity and information that is displayed for users, some of which is too much for a new or average user. This can be intimidating and cause reduction in conversion rates. BadgerDAO’s product vision is to have a “Newbie Friendly” one-click deposit and earn function that “just works”.

This design bounty asked for a mock up of a Badger Lite app that has the option to deposit directly into two options, one that receives a lower ROI but is compounded in strictly bitcoin (ibBTC), the other receiving a higher ROI and receiving partner tokens / BADGER as emissions (Badger Tricrypto vault).

First Place, 50 BADGER: ZKProf

Judges’ comments: “Clickable prototype, obvious effort gone in to match Badger theme, attention to detail with call outs in text such as ‘Why does my ibBTC balance not match my bitcoin deposited?’”

Second Place, 25 BADGER: karlxlee

Judges’ comments: “Good effort but could use more informative copy indicating reasons why users may want to choose one over the other.”

Third Place, 15 BADGER: ttnguyendev

Judges’ comments: “There were some good elements including the tracking of yield however there was little to explain why you would choose one experience over the other.”

Fourth place, 10 BADGER: berkayermis

Judges’ comments: “This doesn’t quite follow the specifications. Design is lacking detail, and “other” option includes too many vaults (not only Tricrypto as defined)”

Curve Gauge Voting Analytics Dashboard

BadgerDAO has had great success with CRV LP vaults alongside its auto-compounding CVX and cvxCRV vaults. This purpose of this bounty was to create a dashboard that will display detailed analytics on Curve gauge voting. The analytics should be displayed in a web interface and show quantitative results in text and in graphic form, i.e. charts. There should also be qualitative descriptions with each statistic to help users understand why the statistic is interesting.

First Place, 125 BADGER: bizzyvinci

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Second Place, 62 BADGER: karlxlee

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Thank you everyone who participated!

Gitcoin Round 11 has once again shown everyone at BadgerDAO the power of an engaged community of tremendously talented people. We want to thank everyone who participated, from entrants to judges to the creators of our bounties for this round. We are grateful to have one of the very best communities in DeFi.

See you soon for GR12!