Get Involved

To get more involved at BadgerDAO as a community member or paid contributor, the best place to start is by joining our Discord server.

Discord is a text and voice chat app where we interact with users 24/7, discuss new governance proposals, get feedback on product ideas, announce upcoming events, and more.

Members of the BadgerDAO team post multiple times a day and you will find threads about all BadgerDAO products and events that are going on.

BadgerDAO is actively hiring developers and yield strategists. In addition, there are opportunities to get involved in the product economics, marketing, support, and community building teams.

If you’re looking to help out with BadgerDAO, our best advice is to join the Discord, poke around, find a problem you can solve, and start helping.

There is no need to ask permission, send a CV, or get approval from anyone. Small initial projects are often the first step towards project-based work, part-time or full-time team positions.

Most BadgerDAO code is open source on Github.

You can get more involved with BadgerDAO at any time. But we also have some more structured ways to connect with opportunities at BadgerDAO. These include:

  • Gitcoin Bounties: Badger participates in Gitcoin grants, which crowdfund open source, public good projects in the crypto ecosystem. We currently have over 10 project bounties open in the current round.
  • ETHGlobal Hackathons: Badger is a proud supporter of ETHGlobal’s hackathons and other events that help onboard new talent into smart contract development. Keep an eye on our Discord or join ETHGlobal’s mailing list to get alerts on the next event.
  • Badger Bounty Billboard: Our Discord server has links to a number of small projects we are looking to award on a freelance basis and is a great way to get a sense of current development priorities.