DAO & Community

Community Rules Everything Around Me


BadgerDAO is a decentralized autonomous organization (DAO) working to bring Bitcoin to DeFi.

We’re run by our users – not VCs, whales, or institutions.

This isn’t just talk – the numbers speak for themselves:

  • 29,000 Wallets hold the BADGER governance token and can vote in governance
  • 1,500 Active Members in our Discord community
  • 67 Badger Improvement Proposals submitted by community and team members

BadgerDAO Values

Relentless: Badgers never stop building. In under a year, Badger has built, tested, and deployed over 20 strategies to help users earn on your Bitcoin and related assets.

Transparent: All decisions are made out in the open, with regular votes where everyone has a voice.

Community: BadgerDAO has launched products, reduced fees, and forged new partnerships at the initiative of our users. Our “partner first” approach to DeFi seeks to be a good neighbor to protocols we interact with.

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